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Volunteering at CMHP

Community Mercy Health Partners offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities for adults, college students and teens. Volunteers play a key role in delivering quality health care with compassion. They assist our employees and serve hospital patients, nursing home residents, hospice patients, families and visitors. 

Volunteers find personal satisfaction in helping others and enjoy the companionship of fellow volunteers and Community Mercy Health Partners associates.

For college and high school students, volunteering can be an excellent way to explore career opportunities and develop job skills. High school students must agree to at least a 50-hour commitment to volunteer service.

Volunteers are vital to our mission of serving others in need. With a commitment of a few hours a week, volunteers find great fulfillment in helping patients and their families, hospital staff, and members of the community.

How much time is required?
Some volunteers donate one shift or day per month, while others volunteer weekly. Most volunteers work a four-hour shift, from 8 a.m. to noon, or noon to 4 p.m. Evening volunteers are also needed. Schedules are adapted to accommodate volunteers.

Click here to apply to be an adult/college volunteer at CMHP.

Click here to apply to be a student volunteer at CMHP.